Specialized Medical Services Allergology and Clinical Immunology

Allergology and Clinical Immunology

A splinter from clinic immunology, allergology is the branch of medical science that deals with the diagnostic and treatment of allergies.

The specific diagnostic methods used in allergology are : cutaneous tests ("prick test"), total or specific seric IgE determination.

The common allergies are : allergic rhinitis, bronchic asthma, alimentary allergy, drug allergy, allergy due to insect bites and anaphylaxis.

Immunology is biomedical science that studies the immune system.
Clinical Immunology studying the structure and function of the immune system, develops knowledge of immunological methods used in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases and diseases caused by defects or increased reactivity of the immune system.

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Dr. Madalan Elena Violeta
Dr. Elena Violeta Mădălan
Allergology and Clinic immunology Senior Specialist
Clinical examination 200
Diaminoxidase serum activity 200
IgE specific anti-bee venom antibodies determination 75
IgE specific anti-graminaceae pollen mixture antibodies determination 80
IgE specific anti-herbage pollen mixture antibodies determination 80
IgE specific anti-home dust antibodies determination 100
Allergy sensitivity testing
(skin prick test to aeroallergens or trophoallergens, epicutaneously patch test for metals, cosmetics, drugs, including positive and negative control test)
Patch testing for cosmetics (patient's products) - 10 tests 20
Patch testing for cosmetics (patient's products) - 15 tests 30
Patch testing for cosmetics (patient's products) - 20 tests 40
Patch Screening test 300