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Anesthesia and Intensive Therapy

Anesthesiology is the medical study and practice of administration of anesthetics to alleviate pain, other sensations and suppress consciousness. Anesthesia is critical to any surgical procedure and allows painless procedures. The anesthesiologist sets the form of anesthesia and monitors tolerance during sedation.

There are several forms of anesthesia :

  • General anesthesia : reversible loss of consciousness and unpleasant moment recalling
  • Local anesthesia : reversible loss of sensations on a certain body part through anesthetic substances administration in that certain part of the body
  • Regional anesthesia : reversible loss of sensations and movement capacity on a specific body part through selective blockage of specific region of periferal nervs of spinal cord

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Dr. Delia Stanciu
Anesthesia and Intensive Care Specialist
Dr. Ioan-Costica Ghita-Blujdescu
Dr. Ioan-Costică Ghiţă-Blujdescu
Anesthesia and Intensive Care Senior Specialist
Head of Anesthesia and Intensive Care Department
Dr. Grosu Vasile
Dr. Vasile Grosu
Anesthesia and Intensive Care Senior Specialist
Dr. Ioana-Raluca Parasca
Anesthesia and Intensive Care Senior Specialist
General anesthesia with endotracheal intubation 500
Spinal anesthesia 250
Intravenous anesthesia 400

To perform anesthesia:

Do not eat foods and drink alcoholic / nonalcoholic drinks, including water, 6 to 8 hours before the time you have been scheduled - this way you will avoid stomach upset in your lungs, resulting in serious, life-threatening complications.
Failure to comply with this rule leads to reprogramming the intervention.

  • you will not chew gum and you will not smoke
  • you take a shower in the evening and in the morning before the intervention; body hygiene decreases the risk of infections with existing germs on the skin
  • do not use perfume, body cream, makeup, nail polish, because it prevents the use of different monitoring sensors or body bandages
  • for your safety, please leave yourself in the dental prosthesis for prostheses, contact lenses or contact lenses
  • for your safety, please leave mobile phones and price items (jewelry, watches) in the family's care