Medical rehabilitation and Fitness

Medical rehabilitation and Fitness

"Victor Babes" Clinic means more than diagnostic and treatment because prevention gets a major role.

"Victor Babes" Clinic has a special Department for medical rehabilitation and fitness aimed for both prevention and treatment. Besides the medical staff at your disposal, a team of therapists in collaboration with specialist physicians develop programs to prevent sedentary lifestyle and obesity problems, and also medical rehabilitation programs.

To accomplish these programs "Victor Babes" Clinic puts at your disposal a fitness center with gym facilities, massage and physiotherapy offices, all modernly equipped. Here you will be permanently guided and supervised by professionals including gym trainers, kinesitherapists and physio-kinesitherapists who develop personalized programs, depending on several conditions, for medical rehabilitation in order to reach physical and mental wellness.

Massage services will be also available within the recovery department as follows : medical massage, reflexotherapy massage, sports massage, relax massage, and massage to prevent cellulite. These services will contribute to physical and mental wellness, and recovery.

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