Thoracic Surgery

Thoracic surgery is the branch of surgery that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases, pleural, chest wall, tracheobronchial, mediastinal, esophageal and diaphragmatic pericardium, and the border regions - cervicothoracic and thoracoabdominal.

In thoracic surgery, a significant share is occupied by bronchopulmonary cancer. Patients with this pathology requires a specific approach and correct staging in the context of treatment initiation in this regard are executed a wide range of surgeries, some for diagnosis, other diagnostic and therapeutic at the same time. Thoracic pathology also includes other pulmonary diseases (malignant or benign tumor, lung abscess, pulmonary hydatid cysts, etc.), pleural disease (pleurisy, pneumothorax, etc.), mediastinal disorders (tumors, cysts, etc.), diseases of the diaphragm (diaphragmatic hernia, hiatal hernia, diaphragmatic tumors, cysts, diaphragmatic, etc.), pericardium (pericardial tumors) and chest wall (tumor, trauma, congenital anomalies of the sternum, cervical rib).