Vascular Surgery

Vascular surgery medical specialty treats diseases of the vascular system, or arteries and veins through surgical intervention.

Arteries are blood vessels throughout oxygen and nutritive substances are carried towards all human body cells. From here, blood loaded with carbon dioxide and toxic substances is taken over by the veins and carried away toward other organs in order to eliminate toxic substances, heart being the pomp that provides blood circulation through these systems.

Arterial pathology is represented mainly by peripheral artery disease of the lower limbs. This disease occurs due to simultaneous action of the ageing process and external factors (smoke, fat rich food) against arterial wall and it is more frequent to males.

Human body natural ageing process makes blood vessels less elastic, they becoming rigid by the age. To this process contribute smoking witch associated with high fat content food and sedentary style of life will cause fat deposits in the arterial wall witch by time accumulation will form obstacles in blood circulation that means the suffering of all cells beneath these obstacles. Most affected area is represented by lower limbs.

The symptoms are muscular cramps like pain in shank's muscles appearing after walking some distance (this distance drops in time, less distance meaning the disease is more severe) witch disappear in 1 - 2 minutes after the effort (walking) is stopped. The evolution of the disease conducts to lesions at the toes with evolution to amputation (toe, foot, shank).

Early diagnostic permits therapeutics alternatives (medicine treatment followed by surgical treatment) and a better evolution for the patient.

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Prof. Dr. Patrut Mircea Emil
Prof. dr. Mircea Emil Pătruţ
General surgery Senior Specialist
Cardiovascular surgery Senior Specialist
Dr. Halpern Rafael
Dr. Rafael Halpern
Cardiovascular surgery Senior Specialist
Vascular ultrasound certified
Clinical examination 200
Clinical examination Prof. Dr. 500
Vascular ultrasound examination 200
Surgical procedure Prof. Dr. Emil Patrut 3 000 € - 10 000 €*

* depending on the complexity of the intervention