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Urology - Andrology

Urology is the branch of medicine that deals with the diagnostics and treatment of the male and female urinary tracts (kidney, ureters, urinary bladder, urethra), and on the male reproductive system (testicles, epididymus, seminal vesicle, vas deferens, prostate, penis).

Medical proach of some urologic pathology (i.e. urinary tract infection - UTI) it is combined with surgical correction of the congenital anomalies or genitourinary cancers. Urologists dosctors and are trained to diagnose, treat, and manage patients with urological disorders as : urinary incontinence, sexual disfunctions, male infertility, pediatric urology.

Urology is linked to other medical conditions as : nephrology, andrology, ginecology and oncology.

Andrology is the branch of medicine that studies the physiology and pathophysiology of male sexual organs. This is an area integrating complex anatomical, biological and psychological elements responsible for the proper functioning of the male genital. Male hypogonadism, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation and male infertility problems are just some examples of the problems male sex may benefit from assessment, treatment and andrological counseling, within our Medical Center.

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Dr. Seyed Aghamiri
Dr. Seyed Aghamiri
Urology and Andrology Senior Specialist
Dr. Varsandan Radu-Ioan
Dr. Radu-Ioan Vărşăndan
Urology and Andrology Senior Specialist

Dr. Radu-Ioan Vărşăndan services

Clinical examination - urology 200
Clinical examination - andrology 200
Urinary tract ultrasound (Acuson S2000) 150
Elastography urinary tract 200
Retrograde urethrogram with contrast substance 170
Testicle ultrasound 150
Adenomectomy - transvesical (RA) 1 000 €
Testicular biopsy (RA) 500 €
Circumcision (LA / RA) * 300 €
Cystolithotomy transvesical (RA) 600 €
Renal cyst surgical cure (GA) * 800 €
Epididymis cyst surgical cure (RA) 500 €
Hydrocelle surgical cure (RA) 500 €
Paraphimosis surgical cure (LA / RA) * 500 €
Urethral polyp surgical cure (for women) (RA) 500 €
Renal abscess drainage (GA) * 1 000 €
Epididymectomy (RA) 500 €
Paraurethral cyst excision (RA) 400 €
Cutaneous lesions excision (scrotal / penile) (LA / RA) * 250 €
Frenotomy / Frenoplasty (LA / RA) * 200 €
Nephrectomy (lumbar) (GA) * 1 000 €
Orchiectomy (scrotal unilateral) (RA) 300 €
Orchiectomy (scrotal bilateral) (RA) 500 €
Orchiectomy (inguinal unilateral) (RA) 500 €
Orchiectomy (scrotal with testicular prosthesis implantation) ** (RA) * 500 €
Vasectomy (LA / RA) * 500 €
Varicocelectomy (RA) 700 €
  • surgery price DOES NOT include the set of pre and postoperative tests, hospitalization and medication
  • surgery price marked with * DOES NOT include anesthesia. Local anesthesia (LA), spinal anesthesia (RA) and general anesthesia (GA) will be paid separately
  • ** testicular prosthesis - will be paid separately

Costs in Euro are paid in local currency RON at the rate displayed by BNR on the payment date.

In a large international campaign to fight prostate cancer, renowned European doctors will give urological medical advice at the "Dr. Victor Babes" Foundation, Diagnosis and Treatment Centre - Private Medical Clinic in Bucharest.

More information : Urological examination.

Dr. Seyed Aghamiri endoscopic surgery
Prostate adenoma treatment – endoscopic surgery.
Dr. Seyed Aghamiri, Urology and Andrology Senior Specialist, MD/PhD, "Victor Babes" Clinic.