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Dental Clinic Dr. Zaharia was created in order to offer a large variety of dental treatments to patients regardless of age. These treatments allow complex oral rehabilitation, offering services of general dentistry, endodontics, prosthetics, pediatric dentistry, periodontics, oral surgery and implantology.

Dental Clinic Dr. Zaharia

Orthodontics & Esthetic Dentistry Clinic Dr. Anca Oltean bring a range of services and modern methods of correcting dental malocclusions, based on a lengthy professional experience, but also a post-academic training in the country and abroad, to be constantly updated with the latest developments in the field.

Orthodontics & Esthetic Dentistry Clinic Dr. Anca Oltean (ro)

"Preventio" - a new kind of Health Plan

Health plan for teenagers - "Preventio"
To implement wonderful proverb "Care for your clothes while new and about your health while young", "Victor Babes" Clinic, according to its health policy that puts prevention based, proposes health plans for teens - "Preventio". They are intended for teenagers - the age group 14 - 19 years, while addressing their parents who obviously want to have healthy children.

Preventio Teens Health Plan

  • Real-time elastography - Acuson S2000

    Real-time elastography is considered the most important step in the evolution of ultrasound, Doppler techniques in implementation.
    Real-time elastography can be applied to lesions located in the breast, thyroid, liver, prostate. Thus diagnosis becomes more precise, can prevent subsequent maneuvers unnecessary, risky and expensive.

  • Self image - self esteem, self confidence

    How we perceive ourselves depends on our "self respect" (self appreciation, self-acceptance). If we truly accept, appreciate ourselves for what we do well, if we embrace our weakness without permanently criticizing ourselves, we can live emotionally comfortable (and thus increase our tolerance towards others too).

  • Painless vaccination

    We have good news for those who fear the needle for vaccination. A new tiny needle was developed and is attached to the syringes for vaccination against the flu.
    Much smaller in size than the classic needle, the new needle makes the vaccination a much less painful experience.

  • Diagnostic tests for ovarian cancer

    Ovarian cancer remains the leading cause of cancer death from gynecologic origin and 4th cause of cancer death in women worldwide.
    Ovarian cancer symptoms are related to the presence of adnexal formations and are often vague and unspecific. The main purpose of the diagnostic evaluation of such formations is to determine if it is benign or malignant.