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"Preventio" - a new kind of Health Plan

Health plan for teenagers - "Preventio"
To implement wonderful proverb "Care for your clothes while new and about your health while young", "Victor Babes" Clinic, according to its health policy that puts prevention based, proposes health plans for teens - "Preventio". They are intended for teenagers - the age group 14 - 19 years, while addressing their parents who obviously want to have healthy children.

Preventio Teens Health Plan

  • Medical imaging - services in our Center

    In order to improve the medical services provided, our Diagnostic and Treatment Center has increased its medical technology endowment with the latest equipment for :

    Medical Imaging
    • computed tomography
    • MRI
    • mammography
    • osteodensitometry
    • digital radiography

    The Centre also offers these services at competitive prices to enable as many people to benefit from them. Prices »

  • Instalatie de tomografie computerizata tip SOMATOM DEFINITION AS

    Computed TomographyO tomografie computerizata (CT) reprezinta o metoda de diagnostic imagistic ce foloseste razele X pentru a realiza imagini detaliate ale structurilor corpului.
    Prin tomografie computerizata (CT) se poate examina oricare segment al corpului, cum ar fi capul, regiunea cervicala, toracele, abdomenul, pelvisul sau membrele. Pot fi investigate in amanunt diferite organe ale corpului, cum ar fi ficatul, pancreasul, intestinele, rinichii, vezica urinara, glandele suprarenale, plamanii si inima. De asemenea, pot fi studiate vasele de sange, oasele si maduva spinarii.

  • Echipament RMN tip MAGNETOM AVANTO

    Rezolutia imaginii produse este foarte detaliata si poate detecta schimbari mici ale structurilor din interiorul corpului precum si a compozitiei lor. Pentru unele patologii, substante de contrast sunt folosite pentru a da detalii suplimentare in legatura cu procesul patologic.
    Investigatia poate fi folosita ca o metoda extrem de precisa de detectare a proceselor patologice in tot corpul : cerebral, coloana vertebrala, sani, gat, cardiac, articular, abdomen. Spectroscopia IRM, IRM-ul functional si tractografia IRM sunt modalitati care se folosesc in scopul evaluarii proceselor patologice.

  • Mamograf MAMMOMAT Inspiration

    Mamografia este o investigatie radiologica a sanului, care poate evidentia structuri ce nu pot fi sesizate la palpare. Este usor de efectuat iar aparatele de ultima generatie realizeaza o compresie eficienta iar doza de iradiere este minima - mai mica decat cea necesara unei radiografii pulmonare, de exemplu.
    Mamografia are o sensibilitate mare si se recomanda tuturor femeilor dupa 40 de ani, chiar in afara oricarei simptomatologii mamare - dureri, inflamatii, noduli palpabili, scurgeri din mamelon.

  • Osteodensitometru tip General Electric - Prodigy Primo

    Centrul nostru ofera un nou serviciu : Osteodensitometrie.
    Osteodensitometria este o investigatie importanta din perspectiva diagnosticarii cat mai precoce a osteoporozei, deoarece exista metode de stopare a pierderii masei osoase.
    Asadar putem preveni o mare suferinta printr-o investigatie simpla si accesibila, care semnalizeaza momentul inceperii tratamentului de consolidare a masei osoase.

  • Instalatie digitala de RX diagnostic tip MULTIX SELECT DR

    Tehnica de radiologie digitala prezinta o serie de avantaje fata de radiologia conventionala clasica, dintre care, cea mai importanta o reprezinta calitatea imaginii radiologice.
    In radiologia digitala, imaginea radiologica poate sa fie inregistrata pe un CD / DVD, poate sa fie trimisa prin email, astfel incat pentru pacient este mult mai usor sa transmita investigatiile radiodiagnostice medicului sau.

  • 1 Prevention

    "Victor Babes" Clinic provides to anyone, regardless of age and occupation, general and specialized clinical examinations, general and specialized laboratory investigations in order to prevent diseases, promote health, provide etiological diagnosis and appropriate therapeutic conduct. VB Clinic offers the opportunity for monitoring, maintaining and improving your own health and, thus, the quality of your life and of the life of your loved ones.

  • 2 Diagnosis

    The goal of the medical services provided by "Victor Babes" Clinic is obtaining an accurate early diagnostic, initiating the most specific treatment possible, addressing the patient's medical problems to their complete resolution, providing maximum comfort for improving the patient's quality of life.

  • 3 Treatment

    In the "Victor Babes" Clinic expansion process, a special attention has been given to hospitalized care. In 2006 a new medical ward - Medical Ward I - was finalized and the initial surgical ward, opened in 2002, was extended. Medical Ward I comprises 10 inpatient rooms for all medical specialties, hospital lounges that offer the optimal conditions for comfort, hygiene and health status recovery.

  • 4 Rehabilitation

    In "Victor Babes" Clinic physical rehabilitation is performed in the new fitness and rehabilitation ward, which includes sauna and massage. Physical rehabilitation is performed only on specific medical indications and under strict supervision. The highly specialized and experienced staff includes physiokineto-therapists, personal trainers, and masseurs.

  • 5 Research

    We are faithful to our principle to permanently invest in the quality of care by encouraging continuous professional development and participation in training programs, scientific meetings and research projects. Training, clinical activities, medical research and education are closely linked and provide a stimulating environment for the "Victor Babes" Clinic personnel.

  • Painless vaccination

    We have good news for those who fear the needle for vaccination. A new tiny needle was developed and is attached to the syringes for vaccination against the flu.

    Much smaller in size than the classic needle, the new needle makes the vaccination a much less painful experience.

  • Dental implants - "TEETH IN A DAY"

    Missing teeth can affect how a person eats, talks or looks and may compromise the overall health of the mouth. A new method of dental implant is intended to avoid all these inconveniences, an ultra-modern technique, a novelty in Romania "TEETH IN A DAY". The huge advantage of this technique : the patient leaves in the evening with the newly-implanted teeth in the mouth.

  • Diagnostic tests for ovarian cancer

    Ovarian cancer remains the leading cause of cancer death from gynecologic origin and 4th cause of cancer death in women worldwide.
    Ovarian cancer symptoms are related to the presence of adnexal formations and are often vague and unspecific. The main purpose of the diagnostic evaluation of such formations is to determine if it is benign or malignant.

  • Real-time elastography - Acuson S2000

    Real-time elastography is considered the most important step in the evolution of ultrasound, Doppler techniques in implementation.
    Real-time elastography can be applied to lesions located in the breast, thyroid, liver, prostate. Thus diagnosis becomes more precise, can prevent subsequent maneuvers unnecessary, risky and expensive.

Minimally invasive spine surgery

Minimally invasive spine surgery is based on the endoscopic technique.
Minimally invasive spine surgery do not require hospitalization, the duration is 20 to 30 minutes then, after a rest of 30 minutes, the patient can go home.

Contact for appointments: 021 / 255 12 45; 0754 044 647.