Medical events Immune Dysfunction in European Aged Subjects

Immune Dysfunction in European Aged Subjects

"Immune Dysfunction in European Aged Subjects" IDEAS,
22 - 23 January 2007, Zentrum für Medizinische Forschung, Waldhörnlestr. 22, Tübingen-Derendingen, Germany

  • Organizator : Prof. Dr Graham Pawelec; Zentrum für Medizinische Forschung, University of Tübingen, Germany
  • Romanian participants : Apostol Iuliana M.D., Tudor Alma M.D. ("Dr. Victor Babes" Foundation, Bucharest)
  • About the meeting :
    • This is the first meeting of representatives from a core group of 15 countries with interest in immune dysfunction in ageing. The meeting is organised to present FP7 program and the experiences of some European countries in immune dysfunction in aging.
    • The main interest is building up an application inside "HEALTH-2007-A- : Novel approaches to reconstitute normal immune function at old age. Research should apply a multidisciplinary approach to determine the underlying mechanisms of dysregulation of the immune system during ageing and should aim to restore immune function. Call deadline 19th April.
    • The presentation on 7FP program : Ingo Trempeck, Germany.

  • "1st Wave" Partners

C. Franceschi Italy
B. Grubeck-Loebenstein Austria
G. Herbein France
T. Kirkwood (T. von Zglinicki) UK
D. Macallan UK
E. Naumova Bulgaria
G. Pawelec Germany
E. Sikora Poland
R. Solana Germany
O. Toussaint & H. Martens Belgium
R. Westendorp (A. de Craen) The Netherlands
Wikby (J. Strindhall) Sweden
R. van Lier The Netherlands
G. Ball  
J. Powell  
E. Trannoy  
Attempto (I. Trempeck)  

  • "2nd Wave" Partners

S. Akman Turkey
I. Apostol Romania
C. Caruso Italy
D. Charron France
G. Dedoussis Grece
T. Fülöp Sweden
E. Mocchegiani Italy
D. Monti Italy
L. Rink Germany
J. Witkowski UK
Mediu industrial
M. Van Mechelen