Medical Research Infrastructure

Medical Research Infrastructure

Laboratories :

  • CELL DYN 3700 Hematology Analyzer (ABBOTT)
  • VITROS 250 Biochemistry Analyzer (Ortho Clinical Diagnostic)
  • AxSYM Immunoloy Analyzer (Abbott)
  • URILUX S Urinary Analyzer
  • Olympus optical microscopes

Histopathology & Cytology laboratories :

  • Olimpus optical microscopes; biopsy cases; aspirativ cytology needles

Functional diagnostic laboratories :

  • Cardiovascular :
    • Cardiofax 9620 electrocardiograph; Bioset 3752 electrocardiograf (sante); Cardioline bycicle, Pachon 1392 RI
  • Respiratory :
    • Pony Spitometer Graphical Spitometer(Cosmed)
  • Nervous System :
    • Geegraph IV encephalograph (biologic system corp); electromiography
  • The ocular globe :
    • Direct ophthalmoscope (WelchAllyn), Slit Lamp BC 900 bioscope, Goldman Applanation Tonometer, 900.4.2 Model (HAAG-Streit), autokeratorefractometer L 62-3d Kerotoref (Luneau).
  • Ears, Nose, Throat (E.N.T.):
    • Itera (Madsen) audiometer
    • Zodiac 901 (Madsen) impendancemeter

Radiological diagnostic unit :

  • Digital radiography MULTIX SELECT DR
  • Mamomat 3000 Nova (Siemens) mamograph
  • CT equipment
  • MRI equipment
  • Scintiographie device

Ultrasonic device :

  • 3D Esaote ultrasound AU-3 Partner type(Sano-Sib)
  • Sanoline G 60S; 4D ultrasound (Siemens)

Endoscopic device :

  • Portable FD-18 BS Bronchoscope (Pentax) and EPM 300 videobronchoscope
  • HILL-MED 0660-1 videocolposcope (Hill-Med Corporation)
  • Gastroendoschope, Colonoschope
  • E.N.T. sphere

Physical therapy and medical recovery unit :

  • Nemectron
  • Nemectroson 400
  • Fitness and medical recovery equipments (DasoCado,Kettler)
    (mechanical bicycle Kettler, DasoCado rotative bench, Active magnetic bicycle, weight board dasiCado,etc). Fitness devices are useful in readjusting stimulus and strengthen different muscle groups.
    The geriatrics rehabilitation it's a relatively new medical domain and the research in this field is not totally ready for trial randomize. What can be practiced: physical exercises, adaptative techniques, assistance technology, physical means of physical therapy, prothezis, orthezis.

Dental diagnostic and treatment :

  • Roetgen dental device, intraos model 70/Bleux; Gima D 395 processing machine

Surgical treatment :

  • Small Easton Medical autoclave; big Easton autoclave; big Elvem pupinel; Transversal 2000 pupinel; Hysis ultraviolet lamp device; Vortice surgical theatre air absorbing device; Weger ultraviolet lamp for the newly born; Lancetron GTF 400 electrocauter; Victoria wound aspirator; Dragner Fabius anasthaesia device; Dash 2000 monitor; operating table; sciatic lamp; oxygen and aspirating system with barbator.

IT network :

  • Computers connected through optic fiber at the Internet