"Victor Babes" Private Medical Clinic - Foreword

"Victor Babes" Private Medical Clinic

For "Victor Babes" Private Medical Clinic, established in 1999, we have chosen the name of the person whom we consider the scientific and spiritual patron and the promoter of the scientific medicine in Romania.

When entering our Private Medical Clinic, we welcome you as we ourselves would like to be welcomed as patients in a medical facility - warmly, respectfully, with understanding and with the calm emerging from the professional competence.

We assure the patient that based on clinical examinations and investigations made in optimal technical conditions, the diagnostic will be followed by the optimal therapeutic approach for the patient. We act in such manner that the patient-doctor relationship is of mutual trust! We consider the "thank you", the smiles, even if only sketched, as an incentive to continue what we started. For our patients, for their health, as well as for the satisfaction that we can work in optimal conditions, we continue what we started.
Achieving such a goal as the establishment of "Victor Babes" Private Medical Clinic is not the result of an instant inspiration, of flair, but the result of sustained work on solid principles, based on a rigorous analysis of the medical-social phenomenon.

In 1999, as I was mentioning at the inauguration of our Private Medical Clinic that the establishment "was born from the need to meet today's patient's needs and demands. For us, the patient represents not only the pain, the wound, the infection, the bad test results, but also the person, with anxieties, sadness, and fears which we have the opportunity and the duty to chase away. We offer to our patients the proven professionalism and human qualities of the staff working in our clinic together with the modern equipment". I dare to hope that I've kept my promise, although it was hard to believe, at that time.

Today it is much easier to say that "Victor Babes" Private Medical Clinic is a well structured medical unit, with integrated care : the basis is represented by the primary care (family medicine), followed by the secondary care (specialized outpatient) and tertiary care (hospital) and the medical rehabilitation. Above all these reigns "Its Highness" - the Scientific Research (Department of Scientific Research and Clinical Studies).

Prof. Dr. Calistru Petre Iacob "Dr. Victor Babes" Foundation Founding President,
Prof. Dr. Petre Iacob CALISTRU