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ALEX ® Allergy Explorer - The smart way to explore allergy.

ALEX ® Allergy Explorer is the first in vitro multiplex allergy test allowing simultaneous measurement of total IgE (tIgE) and specific IgE (sIgE) against a plethora of allergen extracts and molecular allergens.

Based on our test panels composition of allergen extracts and molecular allergens, a near complete picture of each patient’s sensitization status is obtained. ALEX ® is based on our proprietary nano-bead technology.

ALEX 2 ® is the new generation of in vitro tests for Type I allergies. With a panel of 295 allergens (117 allergen extracts and 178 molecular allergens - pollen, mold - including Malassezia sympodialis, fungus associated with atopic dermatitis and other skin diseases - mites, pets, insects and a range of foods), supplemented with total IgE, ALEX 2 ® can cover over 99% of the need for routine allergy diagnosis.

In the new version of the ALEX test, the number of molecular allergens increased, especially for animals with fur, legumes, nuts and seafood (including fish). There is a much more complete range of allergens for shrimp and fish, including hypoallergenic fish Thornback ray (sea fox) (unique to ALEX 2). The dog, the rabbit and the horse are intensely covered at the molecular level. No other specific IgE test system can provide as many molecular allergens as ALEX 2. ALEX 2 is the first specific IgE testing platform to test peanut oleosins (Ara h 15). Oleosins are associated with severe allergic reactions to peanuts.

The ALEX ® assay protocol integrates a powerful Cross-reactive Carbohydrate Deteminants (CCDs) inhibitor during serum incubation, which will clear up your specifi c IgE results. This reduces the interpretative burden for physicians of CCD positive patients and increases the specifi city of our test results.

Allergy test ALEX

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