Allergy test ALEX ®

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ALEX ® Allergy Explorer - The smart way to explore allergy.

ALEX ® Allergy Explorer is the first in vitro multiplex allergy test allowing simultaneous measurement of total IgE (tIgE) and specific IgE (sIgE) against a plethora of allergen extracts and molecular allergens.

Based on our test panels composition of allergen extracts and molecular allergens, a near complete picture of each patient’s sensitization status is obtained. ALEX ® is based on our proprietary nano-bead technology.

ALEX ® is the new generation of in vitro tests for Type I allergies. With a panel of over 280 allergens (more than 150 allergen extracts and more than 100 molecular allergens - pollen, mold - including Malassezia sympodialis, fungus associated with atopic dermatitis and other skin diseases - mites, pets, insects and a range of foods), supplemented with total IgE, ALEX ® can cover over 99% of the need for routine allergy diagnosis.

The ALEX ® assay protocol integrates a powerful Cross-reactive Carbohydrate Deteminants (CCDs) inhibitor during serum incubation, which will clear up your specifi c IgE results. This reduces the interpretative burden for physicians of CCD positive patients and increases the specifi city of our test results.

Allergy test ALEX

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