Legal medicine

Legal medicine is a medical specialty which certifies the medical elements of a juridical case.

The medico-legal expertise

The medico-legal expertise is compulsory by law in the following cases :

  • physical attacks and damages
  • sexual abuses
  • the evaluation of the psychological health and resources, including the evaluation of the power of testing
  • paternal determination, including DNA testing
  • toxicological tests (alcohol in blood, drugs)
  • malpraxis
  • death due to unnatural causes (violent, suspect or unknown causes)

In these cases the examination of a forensic doctor gives a surplus of competence in connection with legal stipulations and the protection insurance of the constitutional rights.

The medico-legal consultancy

The medico-legal consultancy from the consulting room consists of :

  • explanations in case you were a victim an aggression (attacks, car accidents)
  • the examination of the document you have to present in court
  • the establishment of several additional legal approaches or medical examinations essential in proving your state of health or current damages
  • advices concerning the possibility to prove the psychological health and/or the capacity of testing
  • advices concerning the acknowledgement or the failure to recognize the paternity of a child
  • advices and assistance concerning different stages of intoxication
  • consultancy and assistance in case of demise

The medico-legal consultancy in a medical center is not an actual examination and it does not replace the medico-legal examination from the National Institute of Legal Medicine "Mina Minovici" Bucharest, or other similar institutes in the country (often requested by the Court).