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Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

By definition, plastic surgery means any procedure that involves reconstructing or changing the appearance or shape of a body part.

The term comes from Greek - "plastikos", which means changing the shape or form, essentially influencing the surgical specialties : carving, modeling, reconstruction.

In general, surgical techniques can be grouped into two categories according to purpose as follows :

  • Plastic surgery
  • Reconstructive surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a highly specialized surgery, which addresses both women and men. The need of surgery correction is common and most often justified in terms of morphology. Aesthetic interventions require not only medical knowledge but also a particular understanding of the patient's personality, because behind this request there is an arbitrary term such as "beauty". At the same time, the surgeon has to teach the patient to appreciate his/her natural data and understand that physical appearance is not the most important thing in his/her life. Communication and dialogue get the plastic surgeon closer to his patient, both medical and human point of view. Surgical correction, when well indicated, practiced and followed, brings in most cases, a feeling of wellbeing, which can range from simple pleasure, to radical transformation of an individual.

Reconstructive surgery is challenging because it tries to rebuild a body part or a damaged or missing feature. Techniques used have different complexities and try to reconstruct the natural, using human methods.

Advantages and disadvantages of using one or another technique will be discussed with the plastic surgeon during preoperative consultations. Successful outcome depends on the accuracy of the technique used, doctor's experience, quality of materials used, and patient's own peculiarities.

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Dr. Banacu Ana Luminita
Dr. Ana - Luminiţa Bănacu
Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Senior Specialist
Dr. Badoiu Silviu Constantin
University Lecturer Dr. Silviu Constantin Bădoiu
Plastic Surgery -Reconstructive microsurgery Senior Specialist
Dr. Patrick Semionov
Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist
Dr. Cristina-Elena Isac
Plastic Surgery - Reconstructive Microsurgery Senior Specialist
Clinical examination Specialist 300
Clinical examination Prof. Dr. 500
Check-up examination (within 30 days from the initial examination) 100
Abdominoplasty (medication included) 1 800 €
Breast augmentation (breast enlargement) (medication included) 2 500 €
Blepharoplasty superior or inferior (medication included) 1 000 €
Fat aspiration (medication included) 1 300 €
Breast reduction (medication included) 2 300 €
Breast lift (mastopexy) (medication included) 2 000 €
Nose correction (medication included) 1 300 €
Post mastectomy breast reconstruction (medication included) 3 000 €
Ear correction (pinnaplasty) (medication included) 800 €

* Intervention costs DO NOT include hospitalisation or preoperator analises set.

Costs in Euro are paid in local currency RON at the rate displayed by BNR on the payment date.