Angiography is a minimally invasive, painless, non-surgical, non-surgical procedure performed with X-rays and allows visualization of the internal appearance of the blood vessels of the limbs, internal organs or the heart.

Embolization of uterine fibroids it is an alternative to surgery, which provides an effective therapeutic solution in most cases of uterine fibroids. This eliminates the need for hysterectomy, in the cases of polybromatosis, representing the only solution for preserving the fertility of the patient.

Hepatic chemoembolization it is a modern procedure for treating liver tumors (liver cancer or metastasis). It is an alternative procedure to surgical treatment, and can be used in cases where the patient has surgical contraindications.

Vertebroplasty - Treatment of the tangled vertebra it is a non-surgical, minimally invasive, conservative therapeutic procedure for vertebral spine therapy in osteoporosis, metastases and vertebral hemangiomas. It is an effective therapeutic alternative compared to other existing therapeutic options: drug therapy, immobilization in the bodice, surgery. It allows stabilization of the tangled vertebra, improving the mobility and comfort of the patient, being the most effective method of controlling local pain.

Nucleoplasty - the treatment of the hernia disk it is a non-surgical therapeutic procedure for hernia disk therapy. The method consists in reducing the volume of the intervertebral disc affected by percutaneous puncture under radiological control. Eliminates the need for surgery in most cases.

Angiography Department equipment is the latest generation, manufactured in 2017 and equipped with the necessary software to perform all investigations and interventions specific to angiography.

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Dr. Zarma Lucian
Dr. Lucian Zarma
Cardiology Senior Specialst
Invasive and interventional Cardiology certified
Dr. Gulie Laurentiu-Petrut
Dr. LaurenĊ£iu-PetruĊ£ Gulie
Radiology Senior Specialist
General ultrasound certified
Dr. Dumitru Radu Lucian
Dr. Radu Lucian Dumitru
Radiology Senior Specialist
Clinical examination 300
Check-up examination (within 30 days from the initial examination) 100
Clinical examination Dr. Radu Lucian Dumitru 400

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