Cardiology is that branch of medicine which deals with the prevention, diagnostic and treatment of heart diseases.

For the diagnostic accuracy increase and the evaluation of the disease stage, cardiological examination is supplemented with specific laboratory tests, cardiac beating exploration (ECG, exercise ECG, Holter ECG monitoring) and paraclinic specific explorations (transesophagian ultrasound, vascular Doppler ultrasound examination).

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Dr. Stefan Liliana
Dr. Liliana Ştefan
Cardiology Senior Specialist
Cardiac and Doppler Ultrasound certified
Dr. Nour Angelica
Dr. Angelica Nour-Dincă
Cardiology Specialist
Internal medicine Senior Specialist
General Ultrasound certified
Prof. Dr. Bartos Daniela
Prof. dr. Daniela Bartoş
Internal medicine Senior Specialist
Cardiology Specialist
Public Health Specialist
Dr. Ramona Bica
Dr. Ramona Bică
Cardiology Senior Specialist
Cardiac Ultrasound certified
Clinical examination 300
Check-up examination (within 30 days from the initial examination) 100
Cardiac ultrasound 300
Computerized electrocardiogram (ECG) 100
Blood pressure Holter monitor 250
ECG Holter monitor 250
Exercise ECG
  • Only with written recommendation from the cardiologist.
  • A recent cardiac ultrasound needed.
Measuring arterial stiffness with oscillometric method (TensioMed™ Arteriograph)  
Test 100
Clinical examination / interpretation of test results 250