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Dental prosthetic

Dental prosthetics is a branch of dentistry which deals with the replacement of missing teeth or the complex oral rehabilitation of dental arches.

Dental prosthetics interventions ensure the reestablishment of dental integrity affected by injuries or degradation, using mobile or fixed dentures customized for the patient, dental facets, dental crowns, inlays, dental bridges and other complex procedures on implants.

Dental prosthetics does not relate merely to esthetics. A functional reconstruction is also necessary which means that the following aspects have to be considered: phonation (the production of sounds), mastication (mastication of aliments) and dental occlusion in order to avoid bruxism (teeth grinding). The dentist or the specialist who performs such a procedure has to visualize the end result and be able to reproduce it.

Zirconium, pressed ceramics (lithium disilicate) or feldspar ceramics are just a few examples of new materials which can be used, following the correct protocol, to obtain durable constructions as similar as possible to the natural ones.