Specialized Medical Services Private hospitalization

Private hospitalization

Inpatient service provides :

  • permanent health care (healthcare + nurse)
  • acts and gestures Medical (sampling, treatments applied orally, intravenously, intramuscularly, intrarahidian) and care (dressing, linen changed, etc.)
  • supplies (except medication)
  • meal
  • hotel services

For the companion :

  • meal
  • hotel services

  • Medical services & prices
Medical serviceRONRemarks
Clinical examination300Paid on the day of admission and on the day of discharge
Clinical control100Paid every day
Interdisciplinary examination125Paid for each discipline
Interdisciplinary control50Paid for each discipline
Interdisciplinary examination Prof. Dr.200-
Interdisciplinary control Prof. Dr.50-

Accommodation servicesEuro
Day hospitalization (<12 hours)75 €
Continuous hospitalization (>12 hours)75 € / day
Companion accommodation50 € / day

Costs in Euro are paid in local currency RON at the rate displayed by BNR on the payment date.