Nephrology is a branch of internal medicine and deals with the study of kidney function and kidney diseases.
Nephrology from Greek : νεφρος (nephros) - kidney and λογος (logos) - science.

Nephrology deals with renal pathology of non-surgical, pre-and post-surgery, and kidney damage from systemic diseases: diabetes mellitus, hypertension, vasculitis, and collagenosis.

The medical examination with complete renal ultrasound, urinalysis examination and blood investigations in some specific cases (nitrogen retention products, inflammatory factors, etc.) help the physician diagnose and treat diseases common for the medical practice such as : urinary infections, kidney stones, renal failure, gout, cystic kidney disease, glomerulonephritis, kidney tumors.

The Nephrology specialist specifies the utility and time for initiation of dialysis; type of dialysis needed for each case, monitors and treats the complications of the chronic dialysis.

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Dr. Ene Lavinia Raluca
Dr. Lavinia Raluca Ene
Nephrology Specialist
General Ultrasound & urinary tract certified
Dr. Livia Stoica
Primary Nephrology
Clinical examination 300
Check-up examination (within 30 days from the initial examination) 100