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Neurosurgery - or Neurological Surgery - is the medical specialty that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system.

Why consult a neurosurgeon ?

  • for back pain, because :
    • not all back pain is caused by a herniated disc
    • not all back pain should be immediately investigate by medical imaging
    • not all back pain associated with imaging changes of the spine should be operated on
    • "second opinion" saves you from unnecessary expenses and offers you explanations and guides you to find the best treatment (medication, paravertebral or epidural infiltrations, physiotherapy)
    • avoid mistakes in choosing the time of operation: too early or too late
  • for pain and numbness in the case of entrapment syndromes (carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar syndrome, peroneal syndrome), because:
    • in the initial phases of the evolution of these syndromes, the conservative treatment is effective (medication, local infiltrations)
    • it is essential to choose the right operating moment
    • by consulting an experienced neurosurgeon, avoid surgical reoperations
  • for a headache, because :
    • headache (cephalea) has multiple causes
    • to indicate the most appropriate paraclinical investigation, avoid delays in establishing the diagnosis and expenses with inappropriate investigations
    • brain tumors (meningiomas, metastases, etc.) must be operated on, but in certain situations they may benefit from other treatments (eg. : "Gamma-knife")

Choosing a Diagnosis and Treatment Center equipped with complete equipment is the guarantee of a correct diagnosis and treatment.

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Prof. Dr. Adam Danil
Prof. Dr. Danil Adam
Neurosurgery Senior Specialist
Clinical examination Prof. Dr. Danil Adam300
Check-up examination (within 30 days from the initial examination)100