Ophthalmology is a surgical speciality that deals with seeing disorders diagnostic and correction.

Periodical and complete ophthalmplogical examination is part of regular primary care, because many ocular diseases are silent and without any simptoms. During the ophthalmological examination can be detected potential blindness diseases, ocular symptoms of a systemic disease, tumors or other cerebral anomalies symptoms.

The complete ophthalmological evaluation consists of external examination of the globe of eye, visual acuity testing, examination of the function of the iris, extraocular motility, visual sight, intraocular pressure and eye structure examination through dilated iris.

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Dr. Ungureanu Raluca Adriana
Dr. Raluca Ungureanu
Ophthalmology Senior Specialist
Dr. Avram Corina-Ioana
Dr. Corina-Ioana Avram-Sarban
Ophthalmology Senior Specialist
Clinical examination 250
Check-up examination (within 30 days from the initial examination) 100
Fundoscopy 125
Exophthalmometry 70
Removal of corneal foreign objects 150
Incision and ocular drainage 50
Lacrimal pathway drainage 100
Prescription of contact / glasses lenses 125
Pahimetry (both eyes) 50
Adjusted intraocular pressure (with pahimetry) 100
Schirmer test 50