Specialized Medical Services Otolaryngology (Ear Nose Throat - E.N.T.)

Ear Nose Throat (E.N.T.)

Ear Nose Throat (E.N.T.) is the surgical specialty that dignoses and treats ear, nose and throat affections.

At "Victor Babes" Clinic there is a wide range of investigations for ear, nose and throat : ear examination and hearing testing (Rinne and Weber tuning-fork tests, otoscopy, audiometry, impedancemetry), nose (rhinoscopy, nasal cavity's rigid endoscopy), pharynx / larynx (pharynx / larynx rigid endoscopy).

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Dr. Boaca Larisa
Dr. Larisa Boac─â
E.N.T. Senior Specialist
Dr. Ungureanu Ramona Adriana
Dr. Ramona Ungureanu
E.N.T. Senior Specialist
Phoniatry Certified
E.N.T. Certified : Endoscopy, Laser
Dr. Mischie Daniela
Dr. Daniela Mischie
E.N.T. Senior Specialist
E.N.T. Endoscopic surgery Certified
Clinical examination 200
Clinical examination Prof. Dr. 500
ENT Endoscopy  
Nasal endoscopy 100
Ear endoscopy 100
Laryngeal fibroscopy 150
Laryngeal stroboscopy - videostroboscopy of vocal cords 150
Other Services Otolaryngology  
Aerosols (1 session) * 30
Auricular suction / disinfection * 50
Liminal tonal audiometry 60
Minor salivary gland biopsy 100
Removal of foreign objects from pharynx / nose / ear 200
Removal of impacted cerumen * 50
Peritonsillar phlegmon incision 200
Phoniatry (1 session) 200
Antialgic infiltration 100
Tubal insufflation 75
Nitration of External auditory canal / lesion 50
Ear lobe piercing 100
Wound suture 100
Anterior nasal packing 100
Anterior nasal packing with Merocel 150
Posterior nasal packing 150
Tympanogram (adults / children) 60
ETF Tympanogram - (Eustachian Tube Dysfunction Test, non-perforated eardrum) 90
Mastoidian cavity - cleaning 50
BPPV - Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) - repositioning maneuvers rehabilitation / session 200
ENT Laser / Radiofrequency (with local anesthesia)  
Biopsy mucosal lesion 300
Chemical cauterization of vascular stain 200
Cryptolysis tonsils 850
Excision oropharyngeal lesion 500
Myringotomy (incision in the eardrum) 150 / ear
Surgical treatment of septoturbinary sinus 400
Turbinoplasty / Turbinoreduction 850
Uvuloplasty / Uvulopalatoplasty for snoring - 1 session 850
Vaporization base of tongue 8500

* Procedure performed only at the written and initialed indication of the specialist physician.

Please visit the Ear Nose Throat (E.N.T.) consultation room, within the virtual tour of the Center.