Specialized Medical Services Surgery Otolaryngology Surgery (Ear, Nose Throat - E.N.T. Surgery)

Otolaryngology Surgery

Otolaryngology (ENT) deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nose and paranasal sinuses, throat and ears.

Nose and paranasal sinus surgery deals with correcting various causes of nasal obstruction (septal deviation, hypertrophic rhinitis, nasal polyps, etc.) or certain infectious-inflammatory rhinosinusal diseases (chronic rhinosinusitis with polyps or effusion). Rhinosinusal endoscopic sinus surgery practiced in "Victor Babes" Clinic is a minimally invasive surgical method that allows rapid socio-professional reintegration with minimal suffering of the patient.

Neck Surgery includes treatment of chronic tonsillar structures (chronic tonsillitis, enlarged adenoids or polyps childhood), snoring or stopping breathing during sleep, voice disorders (disphonia caused by node or polyps or other tumors situated in the vocal cords). In this regard, laryngeal microsurgery performed under endoscopic or microscopic control allows accurate surgical gestures with minimal trauma to the patient.

Ear surgery, performed under otomicroscopic control is usually used to correct specific causes that cause hearing loss (serous or sero - mucous otitis media).

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