Pediatrics is the branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnostic and treatment of pediatrics disorders in infants, children, and adolescents. Age is from 0 up to an upper age limit that ranges from age 14 to 21, depending on the country - 18 years old in Romania.

Pediatric services offered by "Victor Babes" Clinic :

  • monitoring normal growth and development of child
  • healthy alimentation recommandations based on age group (advices for young mothers concerning baby alimentation, diversification of alimentation, etc.)
  • preventive attitude towards health (nutrition disorders prevention, specific vaccines, etc.)
  • diagnosis and treatment of acute diseases
  • monitoring of chronic diseases

For diagnostic purposes, a wide range of lab tests and other imaging investigations can be performed, with the pediatric specialist recomandation.

"Victor Babes" Clinic offers health plans for children : Junior I health plan (0 - 1 year), Junior II health plan (over 1 year) or personalized health plans according to the child health state.

  • Doctors
  • Medical services & prices
Dr. Brinzan Adela
Dr. Adela Brînzan
Pediatrics Senior Specialist
Dr. Popescu Daniela
Dr. Daniela Popescu
Pediatrics Senior Specialist
Dr. Măracine Ana-Maria
Pediatrics Specialist
Clinical examination 300
Check-up examination (within 30 days from the initial examination) 100
Vaccination with Fluenz Tetra for influenza in children 130
Aerosol (1 session) 10
Aerosol (5 sessions) 70
Abdominal ultrasound 300

Please visit the Pediatrics consultation room, within the virtual tour of the Center.