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Phlebology, varicose veins

Phlebology is the branch of medicine which treating varicose vein diseases.

Within "Victor Babes" Clinic a Phlebology Department is set up.

About varicose veins diseases :

  • surgery is the only mean of treatment
  • in over 98 % of cases the disease is inherited from ancestors
  • untreated these diseases can lead to heart and liver disorders
  • surgical removal of varicose veins may prevent skin complications such as leg ulcers

Surgery is intervention in a "one day clinic" system or continuous hospitalization depending on the type of anesthesia (established at the preoperative surgical consultation) and at the patient's option.

Useful information :

  • consultations are carried out daily by appointment
  • appointments for consultations can be made by telephone (021/317.95.03)
  • surgery programming is done after a prior consultation
  • the equivalent of surgical intervention and medical services is paid in RON in the morning of the intervention

In order to perform the surgical procedure we recommend :

  • Before surgical procedure :
    • perform the medical analyzes indicated on the preoperative consultation
    • do not discontinue treatment for other conditions (hypertension, ischemic cardiopathy, diabetes etc.)
    • remove the hair from the body segment between the navel and heel
    • be at "Victor Babes" Clinic at 07:30 AM
  • After surgical procedure :
    • postoperative indications are recommended by the treating physician at discharge

  • Doctors
  • Medical services
Dr. Bumbac Alexandru Bumbac
Dr. Alexandru Bumbac
General surgery Senior Specialist
Prof. Dr. Patrut Mircea Emil
Prof. dr. Mircea Emil Pătruţ
General surgery Senior Specialist
Cardiovascular surgery Senior Specialist
Dr. Halpern Rafael
Dr. Rafael Halpern
Cardiovascular surgery Senior Specialist
Vascular ultrasound certified
Clinical examination 200
Clinical examination Prof. Dr. 500
Vascular ultrasound examination 200
Surgical intervention phlebology
Preoperative investigation set (laboratory tests, ECG, pulmonary Rx)

Pre-operatory laboratory tests are separately charged.
75 € are separately charged for a day of hospitalization.

depending on the complexity of the intervention

Surgical procedure Prof. Dr. Emil Patrut (collaborating physician) 1 000 € - 7 000 €
depending on the complexity of the intervention

Costs in Euro are paid in local currency RON at the rate displayed by BNR on the payment date.

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