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Physical exercises fitness

Fitness's main purpose is to maintain human body's good shape.
Fitness means simple or complex physical exercises, involving differents parts of the body, or using gym equipment.
Fitness helps you feel better, look better and live better.

Throung fitness one can obtain :

  • harmonious physical development
  • good muscular tonicity and enhanced health and well-being
  • pervetion of physical illness or disability
  • enhanced physical and inteectual capacity
  • balance development
  • acquire motrice abilities
  • weight control
  • motrice abilities development :
    • strength
    • skillfulness
    • speed
    • endurance
    • spring

Fitness physical exercises are meant for all body parts and all muscle groups.

  • Specialists
  • Medical services & prices
Elena Alina Niculae - profesor gimnastica
Elena Alina Niculae
Gym trainer
Department coordinator
Badea Florin - profesor sport
Florin Badea
Fitness - 1 session X 50 minutes 35
Fitness - Membership Card, 8 sessions X 50 minutes 245
Fitness - Membership Card, 12 sessions X 50 minutes 350
Prenatal / postnatal exercises - 1 session 30 minutes 50
Prenatal / postnatal exercises - Membership Card, 5 sessions X 30 minutes 225

The validity of any subscription is within 3 months after purchasing or 1 month after starting to perform subscription.

Please visit the Fitness and Physical exercises room, within the virtual tour of the Center.