Psychology studies the human behaviour and mind. Meaning : the psychology is a scientific step that helps us obtain knowledge using systematic and objective methods; the psychologists study the behaviour: - any action or reaction that can be measured or observed; the psychologists study the mind - the conscious and the unconscious state of mind.

Etymologically, the word psychology comes from the Greek terms psyche and logos, which means "the science of the soul".

The psychological branches available in "Victor Babes" Clinic :

  • Clinical psychology : a complementary psychological exam that has the purpose to graduate and integrate the psychiatric diagnostic
  • Occupational psychology : completes the medical investigations requested by the occupational medicine doctor, needed in hiring, periodic exam and resume work

  • Specialists
  • Medical services & prices
Cornelia Haidar - Psiholog
Cornelia Haidar
Clinical psychologist, independent
Transport psychology psychologist (under supervision)
Occupational Psychologist (under supervision)
Psychotherapist (under supervision)
Eugenia Fedorovici
Clinical psychologist, independent with right to free practice
Work Psychology Consulting  
Employment psychological evaluation 60
Periodic psychological evaluation 50
Psychological evaluation for professional promotion 70
Psychological evaluation for changing function 70
Psychological evaluation in order to educational and vocational guidance 80
Assessing personality aspect cognitive - QI - skills, emotional-rational motivational 100
Evaluation of the level of stress 70
Servicii psih. Eugenia Fedorovici
Mental Health Assessment (Disability Commission) 400
Therapeutic consultation 200