Pulmonology is the specialty that deals with the pulmonar, bronchial, pleural disease and disorders of the mediastinum.

In pulmonary diseases diagnostic are used, beside physical examination and specific medical history (anamnesis) (hereditary lung diseases, toxins exposure, previous infections, autoimmune diseases), the following investigations :

  • laboratory tests (Hematology Coagulation)
  • phlegm examenation
  • spirometry
  • lung X-ray
  • thoracic computer tomography

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Dr. Ambert Luminita
Dr. Luminiţa Ambert
Pulmonology Senior Specialist
Dr. Bucsa Dobre Simona Stefania
Dr. Simona Ştefania Bucşa Dobre
Pulmonology Senior Specialist
Dr. Daniela Mocănescu
Pulmonology Senior Specialist
Clinical examination 250
Check-up examination (within 30 days from the initial examination) 100
Pleural effusions examination, citology 30
Pleural effusions examination, biochemistry 20
Pleurodesis 1 400
Pleural puncture (Thoracentesis) 250
Spirometry 100
Spirometry with Bronchial provocation test (Ventolin) 120