Virtual tour "Victor Babes" Clinic - Lab sample collecting room

Virtual tour
Lab sample collecting room

Samples collecting room Victor Babes Clinic - Virtual tour Private General Hospital main hall

You are at the ground floor in the Sample Collection room from "Victor Babes" Clinic.

Trust and safety, punctuality and efficiency, experience and profesionalism define medical performance in the Sample collection room.

Following registration at the Reception, the pacient is guided to the sample collection room where is wellcomed by a nurse. Pacient's medical record and the tests reqired are rapidly conveyed from Reception through the Center's network and carefully checked by the nurse.

The nurse gives the pacient information about the quality of the medical materials to be used, in a professional and kind manner.

After sample colecting, if additional check-ups are required, the pacient is guided by the nurse to the next consultation room.

Focusing on creating a safe and confortable climate, we wish to do our best to improve and maintain your health condition.