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EUROCHIP Romania general information

"Dr. Victor Babes" Foundation has begun partnership collaboration inside the international project European Cancer Health Indicator Project: EUROCHIP-2.

The project is designed and coordinated by Dr. Andrea Micheli, Director of the Descriptive Epidemiology and Health Planning Unit, from "Istituto Nationale per la Studio e la Cura dei Tumori", Milano, Italy. The project is financed by European Union, through Health Monitoring Program, opened in 2002. The person responsible inside the "Dr. Victor Babes" Foundation is Dr. Iuliana Apostol, the coordonator of the medical research department.

Eurochip-2 continues a previous project : Eurochip-1, ended in June 2003, in which has been involved 130 European experts in various fields related to cancer : clinical oncology, epidemiology, sociology, economics, academic and politic media. Eurochip-2 regards an information and knowledge system on multifarious aspects of cancer (prevention, screening, epidemiology, treatment) in all 25 EU Member and Applicant States.

The aim of the project is to set up a Europe-wide cancer surveillance system to describe differences, identify problems and promote actions to reduce the well-known inequalities in cancer care, by :

  1. extending the collaboration of networks on cancer;
  2. establishing multidisciplinary working groups in each country;
  3. promoting at least one important initiative in each country to improve the cancer information system;
  4. establishing/strengthening a health information system in co-operation with other chronic disease networks.

The vast European network includes national authorities in medical field, medical associations, public or private health institutes, and international agencies.