General Surgery

Surgery deals with diagnosis and treatment of injury, deformity or disease by manual or instrumental means.

Surgical services offered at the "Victor Babes" Clinic :

  • Consultation of the patients suffering both from medical-surgical diseases direct and in addressing the interdisciplinary consultations
  • Addressing the surgery or ambulatory surgical specialty of various diseases : soft tissue abscesses, boils, whitlows, lipoma or sebaceous cysts with different locations
  • The technical equipment of Surgery department operating room allow surgical treatment of diseases like appendicitis, proctological problems (hemorrhoids, anal fissures, perianal fistulae), sacrococcygeal pilonidal cyst and abscess
  • Surgical treatment of abdominal hernias with different locations
  • Varicose hydrostatic pelvic limb
  • Medical-surgical abdominal disorders (biliary, gastroduodenal, colorectal) can be diagnosed and treated, Surgery Department and Intensive post-anesthesia care unit by the manning and technical equipment, allowing a good and appropriate diagnosis and treatment act

  • Doctors
  • Medical services
General Surgery
Dr. Sosoiu Sorin
Dr. Sorin Şoşoiu
General Surgery Senior Specialist
Laparoscopic Surgery certified
Dr. Bumbac Alexandru
Dr. Alexandru Bumbac
General Surgery Senior Specialist
Dr. Tanase Anna Maria
Dr. Anna Maria Tănase
General Surgery Senior Specialist
Laparoscopic Surgery certified
Abdominal Ultrasound certified
Dr. Carmen Loredana Gorgan
General Surgery Specialist
Dr. Tudor Marinescu
General Surgery Specialist
Dr. Victor Florescu
General Surgery Specialist
Oncological Surgery
Prof. Dr. Balanescu Ion
Prof. Dr. Ion Bălănescu
Oncological Surgery Senior Specialist
Member of Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences
Dr. Cezar Stroescu
Oncological Surgery Senior Specialist
Clinical examination 200
Clinical examination Prof. Dr. 500
Appendicectomy 2 900
Percutaneous breast tumor biopsy 500
Pilonidal abscess (cyst) surgical treatment 2 500
Enema Administration 350
Phlegmon and abscess surgical treatment 200
Perianal abscess surgical treatment 2 000
Anal fissure surgical treatmente 1 800
Perianal fistula surgical treatment 2 500
Postsurgery eventration surgical treatment 3 000
Surgical treatment of nail infection 200
Inguinal hernia surgical treatment (one side) 3 000
Preputial adhesion removal 100
Skin tumor excision 250
Underskin tumor excision 300
Underskin tumor excision (with general anesthesia) 2 000
Removal of foreign objects from soft tissues 200
Suture string extraction + dressing 25
Phimosis - surgery with local anesthesia 1 000
Phimosis surgical treatment (complete treatment) 1 500
Incision - drainage 100
Epididymal tumor or cyst surgery 2 500
Catheter insertion 50
Traumatic injury suture 150
Hemorrhoids surgical treatment - radical process 2 500
Synovial cyst surgical treatment 1 500
Vasoprostan treatment 500
Ingrowing nail - excision 100
Ingrowing nail - complete surgical cure (peri-onychium tissue and nail bed) 300
Intravesical instillation 50 €

Intervention costs DO NOT include hospitalisation or preoperator analises set.

Costs in Euro are paid in local currency RON at the rate displayed by BNR on the payment date.