Oncology is that branch of medicine which deals with prevention, diagnostic and treatment of human cancer.

Oncological examination can suggest malign disease (changes in health history) and laboaratory tests (tumor markers) and imaging (mamography, echography, CT, NMR, endoscopy) can provide additional information about neoplasic process presence.

Histological malignancy presence evidence (Histopathology and Cytoloy) must be obtained before stadialisation and therapy. Disease severeness is important to planning the therapy type : surgery, radiotherapy, chimiotherapy, hormontherapy or a mix of them. The adjuvant chimiotherapy is a treatment destined to eradicate micrometastases, prevent clinical metastatic disease and increase survival chances.

Oncological screening programs in "Victor Babes" Clinic are focused on mamar and cervical cancer screening, most frequent neoplasic diseases among women.

At this time, our Center does not offer Oncology services.