Urological examination in "Dr. Victor Babes" private medical clinic

Urological examination in "Victor Babes" Private Medical Clinic

Worldwide, prostate cancer is the second leading cause of death in men after lung cancer, which is why he is in the specialists worldwide to be detected and treated in early stages.

In a large international campaign to fight prostate cancer, renowned European specialist Prof. Dr. André Philippe Davody at the American Hospital of Paris will give urological medical advice at the Dr. Victor Babes Foundation, Diagnosis and Treatment Centre - Private Medical Clinic in Bucharest. Consultations will be coordinated by Dr. Seyed Aghamiri urology physician, doctor of medical sciences in "Dr. Victor Babes" Foundation, Bucharest.

Dr. Seyed Aghamiri, Prof. Dr. Andre Philippe Davody

Prof. Dr. André Philippe Davody regularly provide medical advice in universities in Europe. By this cooperation between these universities and "Victor Babes" Private Medical Clinic, patients can access high performance medical services and modern techniques of investigation and treatment, and where it will be necessary, will have access to medical services and performing surgeries abroad.

Prof. Dr. André Philippe Davody is a leading authority in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, but consults and patients with other urological conditions such as kidney cancer, bladder cancer, testicular cancer (urologic oncology), enlarged prostate, urinary tract stones, urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

The appointment is only for examination, the date of any surgery being set by the commission of doctors.

The price of the package - 1200 RON - consists of the price of consultation in preparation of medical records file + the price of urinary tract ultrasound (performed by Dr. Seyed Aghamiri - Coordinator of medical records file) + an the price of initial analysis package. You will also benefit from "second opinion" of Prof. Dr. André Philippe Davody.. The package will be paid after prior examination.

For more information and appointments, you have direct telephone number: 0755 093 470.
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