Medical news Real-time elastography - Acuson S2000

Real-time elastography - Acuson S2000

Standard 2D ultrasound evaluates anatomic details of the various viewed structures upon the differences between their acoustic impedances (classic ultrasound B mode). In addition, Doppler examination, appreciates the elements in motion (blood flow).

Elastography tehnique Acuson S2000

New technique developed by Siemens - Real-time elastography - available on the Acuson S2000, adds to the two previously presented a new scale of examination : measurement of tissue elasticity.

Real-time elastography is considered the most important step in the evolution of ultrasound, techniques since Doppler implementation.

Adding this new way of assessing the lesions of various organs finds its first application in the differentiation between benign and malignant tumors, but also in assessing the extension of an lesion. Real-time elastography can be applied to lesions located in the breast, thyroid, liver, prostate. Thus diagnosis becomes more precise, can prevent subsequent unnecessary maneuvers, that maybe risky, expensive (punctures biopsies, CT, MRI).

Practical : new software developed by Siemens creates a map of tissue elasticity in a selected area, it can be compared in real time or retrospectively with conventional ultrasound images on a B ( 2D) with superposition of parts (marks, measurements) made by the examiner on the two images. Malignant lesions are usually tougher and their extension into surrounding tissues is greater than is appreciated by classical 2D. A new introduced element of the new Acuson S2000 ultrasound examination is the possibility of assessing the correctness of an analysis performed by real-time device (QF - Quality factor). This technique is called eSie Touch, being likened to a "virtual touch" of the lessions lesions.

Elastography image Acuson S2000
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The new Acuson S2000 ultrasound can quantify hardness of tissue by applying technology ARFI (Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse), resulting in the propagation velocity measurement of where the various structures on which method is applied. Quantification can be useful in monitoring diseases (eg. Cirrhosis).

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