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Medical News

"SENIOR" Health Subscription

Prostate adenoma is the most common benign tumor in the 55-year-old man, with 70% of men suffering from this condition, the increase in the volume being under the influence of androgenic hormones. Prostate adenoma is a disease with insidious evolution, over the course of several years, induced changes in the urinary system are slow.

We answer the need for prevention, but also a specialized control on the evolution of the affection through the "SENIOR" Health Subscription.

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Angiography - new medical service

With the desire to diversify the range of medical services offered to our patients, the Victor Babes Foundation has established the Angiography Section.
The services of the Angiography Section are performed by high-qualified and professional probation staff. The department has the latest medical equipment, with the possibility to perform the examinations in the short time and to the highest quality standard.

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