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Program SANOSCOP ®

SANOSCOP ® - Our goal = your health !

What is the SANOSCOP ® Program ?

"Dr. Victor Babes" Foundation - Diagnostic and Treatment Medical Center has launched a new concept emphasizing the central position of the patient, mentaining and improving in this way the quality other services set to serve the patients.

From today on we don't want you to feel pain no more ! Doctor Victor Babes Diagnostic and Treatment Medical Center will take care of your health using the "SANOSCOP" program. The "SANOSCOP" program is designed in such a way as your health is permanently taken care of. A doctor will call for you according to a pre- established appointment to the periodic check-up. You will no longer be concerned about long waiting periods witch make you abandon the medical exam.

SANOSCOP Trademark Registration Certificate


Till it becomes symptomatic, any illness is more or less asymptomatic and very often the illness may be suspected only when the insufficiency of organ is clinically manifested, the fever is high, or the pain is unbearable !

You must not come to the situation in which your members must be cut off because you neglected a diabetes ! You do not have to wait to become blind because for years you didn't have an eye exam. Don't wait to have a stroke so that you start to treat your high blood pressure.

A correctly informed man worth's as two. A man who is forewarned in time of the potential deviations of his state of wealth values enormously to his family and community he belongs to. This man could be you !

Registration in SANOSCOP ® ?

  • Call to one of the following numbers to make am appointment for the initial medical evaluation : (004) (021) 317.95.03; fax : (004) (021) 317.95.02.
  • The doctor you made the appointment to will give you a specialized medical check-up : the full anamnesis containing the hereditary antecedents, living and working conditions, emphasizing the individual risk factors of the beneficiary and an initial clinical exam.
  • You will have a set of tests recommended by your doctor with a view to determining the risk of getting ill or to detecting illnesses in the incipient phase.
  • The periodicity of the exams and the following tests will be established by you doctor at the end of the initial medical evaluation.
  • Each beneficiary has his own doctor, responsible with the establishment of the appointments of the clinical exams and lab tests.

The cost of the SANOSCOP ® services ?

The cost will be distributed in the shape of monthly payment. If the beneficiary gets ill following the doctor's advices, we will support the patient's treatment.