"Victor Babes" Private Medical Clinic general presentation

"Victor Babes" Private Medical Clinic general presentation

"Victor Babes" Clinic is a private-owned medical center.
"Victor Babes" Foundation (FVB) built it up in June 1999, as an initiative intended to a real and radical change of Romanian medical system. Moreover, it wanted a change in the patient-doctor relationship, a change through which the patient becomes the center of the attention.

By the end of 2000, the new building of the center was partially opened. It is wide, modern, it offers patients a pleasant and relaxing environment and is meant to respond to their needs. The design of the reception, examination rooms, of spaces for treatment and rehabilitation was specially conceived in order to improve patients' comfort, to reduce waiting tie, and simplify the administrative activities (appointment scheduling, bills, payment, picking up of lab results).

Our Center offers information and awareness programs for a healthy lifestyle, general and specialized clinical checkups, general and specific lab tests, with a view to :

  • prevent any kind of disease
  • detect incurable diseases in early stages
  • establish the etiology (cause) of the disease
  • establish the appropriate treatment

This type of services is intended to insure continuous maintenance and monitoring of your health state.

The medical Center has organized for the first time in Romania a research department in the medical private sector, aiming to find the best ways to solve patients' health problems.

The Epidemiological and Immunization Service offers vaccination counseling, regarding several types of vaccines against flu, measles, viral hepatitis, pneumococcal, meningococcal and Haemophilus influenzae infections and is entitled by WHO to issue international certificates of vaccination.

The final goal of our medical services is to offer complete solutions to the patients' medical problems or to offer maximum comfort for the patient to be able to continue his life under the best possible conditions. To this end, we offer a large diversity of medical services, continually developed to meet the emerging needs as well as our patients' requirements.

"Victor Babes" Private Medical Clinic offers consultations in several medical specialties for detection, early diagnosis, ambulatory treatment and monitoring of your health problems

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